Video game soundtracks can help you concentrate on your work

halo video game

Do you have a habit of listening to music while you are working? Well, if you worry about music distracting you from doing your work, try listening to a video game soundtrack and see the difference.

Video game soundtracks are specifically composed to help the player focus on the game. These soundtracks won’t distract or entertain the player.

So, save all those cool soundtracks from your favorite video games, it will be helpful for you someday.

A way to quickly cool down car temperature during hot summers

When your car is parked under the direct sunlight for hours, it will be too hot to stay inside your car especially during hot summers. It needs to be cooled down. You can try these 2 proven aerodynamic techniques to effectively cool down the temperature inside your car

Open and close door ventilation technique (When your car is stationary).

  • Open one of your passenger windows. Open it all the way down.
  • Then repeatedly open and close your driver side door at least five times.
  • This will effectively draw out the hot air through your door and draw in the cool outside air through the opened window.
  • Now, the temperature inside your car could have been cooled down nearly to the temperature of outside air.
  • Before you do this, make sure the environment is safe to apply this technique.

Open and close door ventilation technique

Cross window ventilation technique (When your car is moving).

  • Open one of your back passenger side window and one of your driver side window.
  • Opening your car windows at opposite corners of the car creates a cross-ventilation while your car is on the move.
  • Hot air escapes through the back window and cool air is drawn in through the front side window.

Ask your car mechanic to check these auto parts regularly

car parts

When you take your car for maintenance or for an oil change, ask your car mechanic to check these parts as a preventive maintenance measure.

  • Check brake fluids. Inspect whether the brake pads and discs are in good condition.
  • Check engine coolants/antifreeze.
  • Inspect spark plugs
  • Check the air filter.
  • Check batteries.
  • Check transmission fluid.
  • Inspect shock absorbers.
  • Check power steering fluid.
  • Check all fluid levels and lubricants. If any fluid level is low, drain them and refill it.
  • Check tire tread and tire pressure.
  • Check all front, rear and brake lights.
  • Inspect windshield wiper blades.

An experienced mechanic can estimate the life of these above-mentioned items and inform you if any of these parts need to be replaced soon.

Finding a great car mechanic is not easy, so ask your friends and family, ask anyone who has been driving for a long time, speak with experienced drivers.

Take a photo of your luggage before checking in at the airport

suitcases and bags

According to a 2011 survey, nearly 26 million checked bags went missing that year alone. So, always be better prepared to deal with a lost bag.

Take a photo of your luggage and its contents after you pack them. In case you lost your luggage, it will be very easy to show the picture to the baggage claims representative at the airport.

Also, a few more things to keep in mind:
  • Remove all old baggage tags from your previous travels that are hanging around your bag handles. Old tags will confuse the barcode scanner and your bag might end up at the wrong destination. So, always remove these tags after every trip.
  • Always keep a copy of your itinerary and contact information in all your bags.
  • Customize your bag and make it look different. It will be easy for you to identify your bag and will make sure that other customers won’t pick up your bag by mistake.

How to type faster on a computer keyboard?

Sit in a straight posture and make sure your back is straight. Make sure your elbows are bent at a right angle. Face the computer screen by slightly tilting your head forward.

Don’t sit too far or too close to the screen. Sit at a comfortable distance. Make sure the distance between your eyes and the screen is around 45-70cm. This will help reduce the strain on your eyes.

Positioning fingers on keyboard keys

Rest your wrists on the tabletop in front of your keyboard. Place your fingers on the ASDF and JKL; keys. This is called the “home row”. Let your fingers return to this position when fingers are at rest.

Place your fingers on keys as follows:

Letter A – Left pinky finger
Letter S – Left ring finger
Letter D – Left middle finger
Letter F – Left index finger
Letter J – Right index finger
Letter K – Right middle finger
Letter L – Right ring finger
Colon/semicolon :; – Right pinky finger
Space bar – Left and right thumbs

Memorize the order of letters and punctuation keys on the keyboard. This will help you to type faster without looking at the keyboard.

Practice with typing games and apps specifically designed to help you learn to type faster. Test your typing speed in words per minute using free online testing tools.